Hi, I'm Josh.

I love solving puzzles and creatively tackling any situation. Behind the camera or in front of the computer, I'm happiest creating art that brings a vision to life. 

...and I love spending time with my wife and kids.

Let's work together. Contact me at me@joshwatkins.com

Motion Graphics

A quick reel of some of the work created in 2014. More recent work to come soon and more recent examples available upon request.

Z Startup

This video was created to introduce the public to a new startup that was forming for artists and creatives. Unfortunately this was phased out in development after completing this video.


A series of short animations were created to give a snapshot for the teaching topic each week. The goal was to identify the mood/struggle through animation and live footage, while centering around the 5 main icons developed for the series.

Roland - Large-Format Printer

Created in 2015, this project was a quick and fun one. My role was to animate the design and storyboards while maintaining a driving pace.

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